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Miracle in Shreveport Signed Hardcover

$ 20.00

A Memoir of Baseball, fatherhood, and the stadium that launched a dream.

The Fair Grounds Field in Shreveport, Louisiana could be summed up in two words for the Benham Brothers – joy and a dream. That dream brought them to the pinnacle of success and the lessons of failure, both in professional baseball and in a multi-million dollar business. But it was a certain childhood dream and an eventual experience in a beat-up stadium in Shreveport, LA that could only be described as a miracle. Though many years have passed, the testimony of this miracle has given the brothers strength to continue living boldly for their faith.

Many of you know the Benham brothers from the time they got fired by HGTV. They thought a new show with a major network was their chance to do something great for God—something that could influence culture for good. Then the rubber met the road, and they refused to compromise their principles. That’s when they got the old heave-ho and lost the show.

Getting thrust into a media controversy was not exactly what they had in mind for their lives. But God was working behind the scenes, and they knew they could trust Him—because they had seen Him work on their behalf before. The brothers drew strength from an earlier time where God stepped in, peeled back the curtain, and showed His divine hand working in a way that blew their minds.

This is that story. They will admit, sometimes it’s even hard for them to believe—but it’s true. They had seen God work in such a powerful way as young Little League baseball players with a dream of making it to the pros one day that regardless of what happened with HGTV, or anything else, they would not be shaken.

The story in this book has brought incredible strength to them through the years, and they believe it will strengthen you as well. Chances are, you’ll see yourself in this story. At some point in your life, maybe you’ve wondered how God was going to work everything out for you as well. You may even be there right now. Though the details of your story will be different from theirs, the fact is that God is the One faithfully writing your story into History.

So come with us as we take you back to a time in their lives when the most important thing in the world to them was the game of baseball.....

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